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About Us

Personality & Verbal Skills

DJ Banton is very professional yet personable, upbeat, outgoing and articulate without being obnoxious or annoying. He has a nice voice that you would expect to hear on the radio DJ. His voice resonates confidence and commands attention. He’s the host of your reception or party, representing you and your family to all of your guests. A DJ’s personality and verbal skills can often be determined during your initial phone conversation.


 Royal Fam DJs has about 30 years combined experience, but more importantly we have a good ear for music and the acute ability to read the crowd. We all are disappointed when we hear a rough transition between songs. Quite simply a good DJ should have the ability to make a seamless blend from song to song while maintaining the energy of the crowd is something that is hard to teach. Either you have it or you don’t regardless of how much experience you have or how fancy your equipment is.

DJ Ayce is very professional. Today, Ayce has performed from the small backyard cookouts to weddings, to much bigger corporate functions including Lockheed Martin Corporation and INROADS. He went on to become and accomplished musician and decided to make the transition to disc jockey and never looked back. In addition to being a DJ Ayce is also a sleight of  hand magician.  So if you want to spice up your cocktail party please contact us and ask for DJ Ayce.


Professional disc jockey gear is expensive because it’s rugged and dependable. It’s designed for heavy use and frequent transport. Royal Fam DJs use a popular software tool called Serato Scratch Live which is a futuristic tool that allows the DJ to be more mobile by using music files from a laptop computer while not having to carry records. Also Serato Scratch Live allows the DJ to prepare play lists ahead of time and perform tricks if desired. We use: Pioneer 2 channel mixers; 800W to 2000W sound system depending upon the size of the venue, number of people, we will determine how large of a Public Announcement (P.A.) sound system; Technics 1200 vinyl turntables which are known to be the industry’s best turntables for years.


Royal Fam DJs has professional DJs committed to our clients’ complete satisfaction. We provide a personal service which means we take the time to understand what kind of music you wish to be played or what kind of theme you are looking for at your occasion.

Fair Prices

We are happy to earn your business so we are reasonable with our prices. Feel free to contact us so that we can work out details so that we may determine a fair price for your special event. Questions that need to be answered are:

  • What type of event are you hosting? (Wedding, reunion, sweet 16, etc…)
  • How many hours will event last?
  • Where is the venue located?
  • Is the venue a nightclub or ballroom that already has a sound system already wired up?
  • When? (as it may be the busy time the year)
  • Do you need lighting at your event? (as this will add more to your party especially if it’s at night)
  • How much notice are you giving us? (More notice with nonrefundable deposit means cheaper)
  • How big is the venue and how many people will attend? (as this will determine what equipment we need to carry)
  • Will we need to serve as the emcee or will there already be an emcee to host the event?

Prices may widely range from approximately $600-$2500 depending upon the questions listed above.